The Top 3 UK Hotel Investments With High Returns

The Top 3 UK Hotel Investments with High Returns

With a rising investment activity and rate in the UK hotel investment in the second half of the year 2017, hotel investment in the UK is one which looks more promising. £5.5 billion was recorded in the year 2017 as the sum of the investment volumes. In comparison to the penultimate year, it amounts to a 44% rise in investment activity in the hotel sector.

The hotel investment sector looks even more promising with the increasing rate of investors from overseas and an increasing regional representation in the UK making up to 56%of the whole investment.

Getting into the UK hotel investments will even be more virile with investing in the hotel rooms in the UK. There are many reasons why the hotel rooms in the UK are inviting and appealing for investment. Ranging from the high affordability nature to the passive income to be generated, the UK hotel investment goes to be the sure bet with great returns. You will get a brief guide to the top 3 UK hotel investments with high returns.

UK hotel rooms

This is a popular hotel investment which extensively promises high yield and returns. Hotel rooms in the UK ranges from different size and forms. There are the double bedrooms, single bedrooms, as well as the family bedrooms all with different views.

Hotel rooms can be purchased in the UK and this will raise high yield considering the 2013 VisitEngland statistics of more than 10 million trips that are made domestically to the UK. The investment is passive and the capital tends to increase at a good rate. Unlike other investment form, purchasing a hotel room will not require a monitored maintenance or management.

Purchasing a hotel room in the UK gets to be more attractive in regards to the stamp duty in the UK as a purchase which reaches £150,000 will not attract a UK Stamp duty. Also, the income from the high yield is regular coupled with the easy nature of purchase or of the price of the purchase.

In some situations, hotel rooms’ purchase unlike other forms of purchases in many other sectors also allows for personal use. Holidays can be spent in there and a brief stay can be achieved with ease. This remains a promising investment option in the hotel investment sector with the strong passive income and a high yield and return.

Ground rents

Ground rents of hotel in the UK is another high return yielding hotel investment. Ground rents in the UK has been witnessing high demand and the market has been experiencing a high surge due to the nature of the investment. Ground rents also serve as a diversification means and it can navigate through inflation giving you the needed property of a good investment.


This even though may have its shortcoming is still a leading investment type in the hotel investment sector in the UK. Getting into a good deal of lease in the hotel sector will bring about the realization of a good yield and attractive gains. Proper scrutiny and deal should be ensured when getting into a lease investment and your income will rise in no time.

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